Gosia Koszmider – Graphic designer

Challenge? Yes, please.



About me

Hi! I'm Gosia

More often than not I’m an observer - I look cautiously at the world around me, constantly searching for inspiration. My adventure with visual arts began when I was still a kid when the first computer appeared at home.

My drive to create led me to an art school. Out of all my interests - from making movies, through drawing and painting to music production - I picked computer graphics and illustration as my career path.

Communication is definitely one of the most important aspects of my work. When working with me you can expect my full commitment towards understanding the complete picture as I believe it’s a necessary foundation of satisfying and fruitful collaboration. This way I can draw from my creativity in order to help you accomplish your goal instead of just blindly following a set of instructions.

I’m a sensitive person, but also a positive one. I always try to put a smile on another person’s face and because of that I pour all my heart into every project and make sure there’s a little bit of me in every finished piece.


Go ahead,let's do something nice together!