Gosia Koszmider – Graphic designer

Rebranding for Moxie Creative Agency

Moxie Creative Agency, a leading force in the world of design and marketing, embarked on an exciting journey of rebranding to enhance their brand's visibility and make an even stronger impact in the industry.

This transformation was driven by their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional experiences to their clients. One of the central aspects of the rebranding effort was to refine visual identity. A dynamic and contemporary logo was crafted, representing the agency's forward-thinking approach and innovative spirit.

The new logo combined modern typography with a bold exclaimation mark icon that symbolized Moxie's core values of creativity, passion, and vision. The color palette was refreshed, opting for vibrant hues that exuded energy and shoutness, further reinforcing Moxie's vibrant personality.


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